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"At some point in our lives we have all been moved by sound.

Sound Healing Therapy can be used to encourage mindfulness, self-awareness and calming which in turn can can encourage healing through the mind body and spirit"

-My Teacher, Charlie Christie, Thyme With Charlie


About Tibetan Waves

Hi, I am Brian and founder of Tibetan Waves. I am an internationally certified Tibetan Singing Bowls Practitioner based on the Isle of Wight.

I’ve only been a practising Tibetan Singing Bowls for a short time in real terms, following my own health scare. None the less my journey has been over 3 decades in the making and from working in IT with a realisation that we all need to disconnect from the modern world occasionally and show ourselves the self love and care we all deserve.

For me the Tibetan Bowls and sound therapy have been  instrumental in that awakening.

I am sure you will find this true too! and I am excited to share this with you.

As part of my practice and philosophy, I strive to both educate and heal my clients, empowering them to live better and healthier lives. My approach is a combination of both eastern and western methods and always with love thanks and gratitude.

If you need a positive, energetic and caring Sound Therapy Practitioner, please don’t hesitate to reach out to find out how I can help you restore and revitalise yourself.

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