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Your Session, For you...

By You.


Your Session and what to expect

Sound Therapy

All of our sound therapy sessions are fully guided meditations and relaxation sessions.

They last from 1 hour and include Chakra re-balancing followed by an intuitive section focusing on you as the individual.

Sessions start with making sure you are as comfortable as possible. We recommend you have your own pillow and blanket to hand as your body temperature will drop during the session.

The bowls will be placed around you in their associated Chakra position and will be explained before the session commences.

We ask you drink plenty of water before and after the session.

All of our sessions, including massage session, take place fully clothed, however we do ask that, if possible you wear clothing without buckles or metal fastenings. Yoga and gym clothing is ideal.

If you wear glasses we will ask you to remove these as it is easier to relax without them.

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Pilates From Within with much gratitude

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